Heather and Joseph: Engaged

Heather Dollard is one of my LONGEST friends. We met before kindergarten at a music camp, and we have been those true childhood friends ever since. Many a weekend growing up were spent playing together in the creek, with our Brat dolls, making up silly dances or watching movies, and practically every summer was spent together at Camp Sycamore Hills. Basically, we’ve grown up together, and anytime we are together, it feels just like it always has. I so cherish these kinds of friends! Heather was one of my bridesmaids, and I can’t WAIT to be one of hers in August! Until then, please enjoy some of the engagement pics we took together a couple weeks ago!

Gotta love dat RING doe!
And all those sun flares!
Gah I love that sunset lighting.
Classic Nashville shot
Does this look like a painting or is it just me?!
Before we caught the sunset on the bridge, we started the shoot off at Marathon Village!
UM wow
I am used to shooting in outdoor settings, so this whole industrial vibe was new for me. Always good to step outside of your comfort zone!
I’m so excited for these two!

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