Lorah and Austin: Engaged, Part II

At the end of this month, these two will be married! Despite all that is going on in the world and having to make some hard decisions about receptions and showers, Lorah and Austin seem to be making the most of this difficult situation. The joy they have and love for one another is so evident just by spending an hour or so with them! Hopefully they will look back some day and tell their grandkids about getting married during a world pandemic but finding a way to keep it sacred and special. Wishing all the best for this lovely couple! ❤

Luke and Meagan – Proposal

Let me start with my excitement that I’M GETTING A SISTER! My brother-in-law proposed this weekend and she said yes! It was a bit of a whirlwind weekend as the whole family left on Saturday and drove through the night to New Bern, North Carolina to surprise Meagan on Sunday morning! It was a sweet set up right on the water near the historic town filled with old architecture and Spanish moss. So dreamy! We had a short celebration before we had to turn around and come home so we could all get to work on Monday. Can’t wait to celebrate more when Meagan comes back to Nashville in a few days. 2020 is going to make for an exciting year!

Lorah and Austin: Engaged

Okay, I had to include WAY more photos in this blog post than I normally do because I simply couldn’t narrow down the hundreds (literally) of perfect photos of this beautiful couple!! I mean, I seriously think they are models. Lorah looks just like a Gilmore Girl right?!

Anyway, Austin and Lorah recently got engaged and are starting the oh-so-fun process of wedding planning! I’m so excited for them. They are two of the sweetest, most genuine people you’ll ever know!

Enjoy our series of photos on a chilly, cloudy day at Two Rivers Park in Nashville. We managed to have a lot of fun! And, get excited because I already made them promise we’d take more when it’s warm and sunny in the spring! 🙂

Heather and Joseph: Engaged

Heather Dollard is one of my LONGEST friends. We met before kindergarten at a music camp, and we have been those true childhood friends ever since. Many a weekend growing up were spent playing together in the creek, with our Brat dolls, making up silly dances or watching movies, and practically every summer was spent together at Camp Sycamore Hills. Basically, we’ve grown up together, and anytime we are together, it feels just like it always has. I so cherish these kinds of friends! Heather was one of my bridesmaids, and I can’t WAIT to be one of hers in August! Until then, please enjoy some of the engagement pics we took together a couple weeks ago!

Gotta love dat RING doe!
And all those sun flares!
Gah I love that sunset lighting.
Classic Nashville shot
Does this look like a painting or is it just me?!
Before we caught the sunset on the bridge, we started the shoot off at Marathon Village!
UM wow
I am used to shooting in outdoor settings, so this whole industrial vibe was new for me. Always good to step outside of your comfort zone!
I’m so excited for these two!

Bianca and Saul – Engaged!

Bianca and Saul are getting married this weekend and needed some “Mexican-themed” photos to display at the party. Bianca found a beautiful, traditional outfit, and Saul threw on his hat before we explored a local Dalton garden and the train depot. I am so excited to see their wedding, as I know it will be as fun and beautiful as they are. I’m sure I’ll learn some new dances and sample some authentic cuisine, too! 🙂

Bianca and Saul Engagement 1Bianca and Saul Engagement 2Bianca and Saul Engagement 3Bianca and Saul Engagement 4Bianca and Saul Engagement 5Bianca and Saul Engagement 6Bianca and Saul Engagement 7Bianca and Saul Engagement 8Bianca and Saul Engagement 9Bianca and Saul Engagement 10Bianca and Saul Engagement 11Bianca and Saul Engagement 12Bianca and Saul Engagement 13Bianca and Saul Engagement 14Bianca and Saul Engagement 15Bianca and Saul Engagement 16Bianca and Saul Engagement 17Bianca and Saul Engagement 18Bianca and Saul Engagement 19Bianca and Saul Engagement 20Bianca and Saul Engagement 21Bianca and Saul Engagement 22Bianca and Saul Engagement 23Bianca and Saul Engagement 24Bianca and Saul Engagement 25Bianca and Saul Engagement 26