Lorah and Austin: Engaged, Part II

At the end of this month, these two will be married! Despite all that is going on in the world and having to make some hard decisions about receptions and showers, Lorah and Austin seem to be making the most of this difficult situation. The joy they have and love for one another is so evident just by spending an hour or so with them! Hopefully they will look back some day and tell their grandkids about getting married during a world pandemic but finding a way to keep it sacred and special. Wishing all the best for this lovely couple! ❤

Luke and Meagan – Proposal

Let me start with my excitement that I’M GETTING A SISTER! My brother-in-law proposed this weekend and she said yes! It was a bit of a whirlwind weekend as the whole family left on Saturday and drove through the night to New Bern, North Carolina to surprise Meagan on Sunday morning! It was a sweet set up right on the water near the historic town filled with old architecture and Spanish moss. So dreamy! We had a short celebration before we had to turn around and come home so we could all get to work on Monday. Can’t wait to celebrate more when Meagan comes back to Nashville in a few days. 2020 is going to make for an exciting year!

Tyler and Alexandra: ATL

This weekend I went down to Atlanta to spend time with my friends and then to see a concert I’ve been wanting to see since I was in 9th grade! We don’t have to talk about the fact that I got really sick and pretty much ruined the weekend for everyone because BEFORE that happened I got to take some cute lovey-dovey photos of Alexandra and Tyler! Seriously hoping we can do a do-over soon, and hopefully take even more pictures together because um, look at them!!

Al and Tyler in ATL36Al and Tyler in ATL31Al and Tyler in ATL1Al and Tyler in ATL3Al and Tyler in ATL7Al and Tyler in ATL13Al and Tyler in ATL14Al and Tyler in ATL18Al and Tyler in ATL19Al and Tyler in ATL29Al and Tyler in ATL30Al and Tyler in ATL33Al and Tyler in ATL34Al and Tyler in ATL37Al and Tyler in ATL39Al and Tyler in ATL46Al and Tyler in ATL48