Heather and Joseph: Engaged

Heather Dollard is one of my LONGEST friends. We met before kindergarten at a music camp, and we have been those true childhood friends ever since. Many a weekend growing up were spent playing together in the creek, with our Brat dolls, making up silly dances or watching movies, and practically every summer was spent together at Camp Sycamore Hills. Basically, we’ve grown up together, and anytime we are together, it feels just like it always has. I so cherish these kinds of friends! Heather was one of my bridesmaids, and I can’t WAIT to be one of hers in August! Until then, please enjoy some of the engagement pics we took together a couple weeks ago!

Gotta love dat RING doe!
And all those sun flares!
Gah I love that sunset lighting.
Classic Nashville shot
Does this look like a painting or is it just me?!
Before we caught the sunset on the bridge, we started the shoot off at Marathon Village!
UM wow
I am used to shooting in outdoor settings, so this whole industrial vibe was new for me. Always good to step outside of your comfort zone!
I’m so excited for these two!

‘Tis the Season!

Yes, I realize that it is now a week into 2019, but I realized I never posted some sweet Christmas photos I got to take for a new family in December! While I was shooting with Jessi and her d Eva, Jessi’s dear friend Gabby and her two little boys, Nash and Anderson, came along for the ride! Jessi is the boys’ godmother, so of course she jumped in some of the photos. The results are just precious because they are such a happy, magical little family! I truly hope I can capture their family again sometime.

Christmas with Your Pup!

My friend Jessi asked me to take some Christmas card photos with her and her dog, Eva. Of course I was NOT going to turn that down, being the huge dog lover that I am. With a little treat bribery and plenty of outtakes, I think we snapped some really great ones! Merry Christmas!

Arabian Dancers

A Christmas tradition of mine has always been to watch “The Nutcracker” ballet – going almost every year since I was little to the Nashville Ballet’s production. Once I started working in Dalton, I learned that the show is a huge deal here, too! My co-worker, Mendy, has both of her daughters performing as Arabian dancers in the show this year, so she wanted to document this special instance with them dancing the same part! I can’t wait to see the show this weekend. #GoNuts! 

Ps – You’ll also see Emma and Izzie’s brother in some of the photos. While he isn’t technically an Arabian dancer, he was too cute not to include in this post!

Pierce Fall Family Portraits

You may remember last spring when I posted some photos of Cara and Daniel as they were waiting on little Ruby to make her appearance. This time around, Ruby is the shining star! I just love this beautiful family and the autumn colors we are getting to enjoy right now! Happy fall 🙂

Pierce Fall 2018 Portraits 1Pierce Fall 2018 Portraits 4Pierce Fall 2018 Portraits 3Pierce Fall 2018 Portraits 2Pierce Fall 2018 Portraits 6Pierce Fall 2018 Portraits 9Pierce Fall 2018 Portraits 5Pierce Fall 2018 Portraits 7Pierce Fall 2018 Portraits 8Pierce Fall 2018 Portraits 20Pierce Fall 2018 Portraits 21Pierce Fall 2018 Portraits 22Pierce Fall 2018 Portraits 19Pierce Fall 2018 Portraits 17Pierce Fall 2018 Portraits 18Pierce Fall 2018 Portraits 16Pierce Fall 2018 Portraits 15Pierce Fall 2018 Portraits 12Pierce Fall 2018 Portraits 11Pierce Fall 2018 Portraits 13Pierce Fall 2018 Portraits 10Pierce Fall 2018 Portraits 14Pierce Fall 2018 Portraits 23